We all have our starting point,

where we choose, what we want to be.

Mine was when I was 6 or 7. I was in a planetarium, in which I saw an artificial sunset while playing the beginning of Pink Floyds „Shine on you crazy Diamond“. Its fits so well I thought…picture and sound.

Hi, my name is Serge

I‘m a freelance CGI artist, based in Hamburg, Germany with over 20 years in this business. Like every creator I love to create. I love to see things from more than one perspective. When I was young I drew and sculpted a lot. Now I model and animate digital.

What I do

I create digital motion content in 2D and 3D. Finding ideas and concepts for a project is one of my favorite part. I am often at the set as a supervisor for upcoming projects. And sometimes I also direct the whole thing. I have worked for a lot of major brands and won some awards, but I spare to list them here ;)

Experimenting  with pixels and seeing things differently is my passion, which I do alongside my jobs. Have a look at my stuff.

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